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Drupal 6 Theming Guide

The site has a great deal of information on how to theme for Drupal 6. Here is an overview with links to the longer articles.

If you have never themed Drupal before, you are probably wondering about what is involved in the process. Theming for Drupal requires an understanding of:
- Proper front-end web development: (x)HTML + CSS
- The Drupal terminology / theme content tags
- PHP knowledge is a plus, but not necessary

If you are lost in the graphics you can revert to the main site theme, Garland. (The page will reload.)

This site uses Drupal 6, a fantastic platform that lacks the large selection of extended modules available for Drupal 5.
As the modules become available all Drupal 6 sites we'll be able to add features, so please encourage the developers of your favorite modules to get up to speed with Drupal 6.

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