drupal installation

Installing FCKEditor on Drupal 6

Drupal doesn't have a default WYSIWYG editor. If you want to use one there are many options available, mainly Tiny MCE and this one, my editor of choice, FCK Editor.

Installing Drupal 6.2

Here is a tutorial that goes over the installation of Drupal 6.2 - 7:22 secs.

Upgrading Drupal from 5.x to 6.x video

Here is a great screencast video that covers the steps necessary to upgrade a Drupal 5.x installation to Drupal 6.x. Make sure you also read these basic instructions on upgrading from Drupal 5.x, and the video should give you a more comfortable understanding of the steps involved.

Backup a lot and happy upgrading.

Drupal 6 Installation video

Here is a 9m:24s video covering the installation of Drupal 6 and some of the new modules available with the latest release of Drupal, including OpenId and Actions + Triggers.

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